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4 American Hostages in Baghdad, Chapter 1
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"You, two should speak!" said Kevin.
He was speaking to two soldiers in the same room. One of the two, Fernando was wearing a Muslim's traditional cloth that cover from the shoulder to the feet. Because of his dark skin, he looked like a local Iraqi. He had to change the clothes because so much blood of his colleagues splashed on his uniform. The clothes almost smelled like blood and got wet.
"No. We can't If we do, that will be regarded as facist collaboration by the army"said John.
"You are supposed to help us. You, two are GIs. You serve our country and its citizens."said Kevin.
"Do you think I joined the army because I wanted?" said John.
"You voluntary joined the army. That was not drafting" Kevin replied.
"Voluntary? Not drafting. It is a draft. Haven't you ever heard of "Poverty Draft"?"John said with anger.
"What? Did you join the army because you were poor? That is no excuse. You chose on your own"Kevin replied with laugh.
"You, two never understand what I have been through because you, two are rich"said John looking at Kevin and Loretta.
"Are you talking about me?" said Loretta. Loretta was sensitive when it comes to being criticized for her family's wealth. She wanted to prove herself, that is the very reason she came to Baghdad.
"Yes, it is about you, only you. Not me. I've made the wealth myself unlike her" said Kevin with confidence.
"No, you didn't. I know your profile. Mr. Kevin Dobbs. The President of New Age Software Corporation. You graduated from Harvard. You pride yourself as self-made millionaire."
"Oh, yeah. What's wrong?"said Kevin.
"You never could make it without your parents support. Your parents are rich lawyer and doctor. They could afford the tuition for Harvard. But my parents couldn't"said John.
"Hey, don't connect the Harvard thing with my parents. I was admitted because of my grades. I did not enter the university by connection like her" said Kevin finger-pointing Loretta. Loretta was kind of annoyed but she knew that was how she entered University of Southern California, USC, which some called University of Strong Connection or Spoiled Children.
"Tuition? Yes. Harvard's is expensive but you can go to cheaper State schools. If your parents have no money, you can find scholarship. Being poor is not an excuse" said Kevin looking at John.
"Scholarship? ha? How could I get scholarship?"John said with laugh.
"You didn't study so hard. That is your responsibility."
"Ha, ha, you never understand"said John laughing. Then he started to talk about his experience from high schoolhood to the army.
"My parents were much poorer than your family. My dad worked for the auto plant. My mom was a secretary. We were fine up until the closing of the plant. My father was laid off. My town got into budget crisis. Scholarship programs were cut off. School budget, too. I was not an excellent student but not so bad. I expected some kind of scholarship. I never expected to enter expensive private school but even State schools were not cheap enough. Not only that. My school stopped offering classes to get sufficient education to students because of budget cut. I could graduate but it was almost like dropped out. I did not get good education to be admitted to the college. I really wanted to go to college."
"That's hard" said Kevin."But how come you end up joining the army?"
"That is the hell of weird story. I was deceived." John started to talk about another story of his agony.

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