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Translated Novel: "Let's Fundoshi" Chapter 2
A Candadin man experiences FUNDOSHI, Japanese traditional male underwear, swimming suit and custume for festival.

Read Chapter 1 first.

It was very easy to put on. Long white rectangular cloth with strap both side top. Connecting the strap from both ends in front and Hanging white rectangular cloth behind and bring the cloth to fronside and hang on the strap.

In Japan it was used for patients who had to stay on bed for a long period of time. That made them comfortable. For Jaqcues it was totally different experience.
He put it on and found it very mysterious underwear. Not using rubbers only straps tightens his waist. It was something one could never feel with briefs or boxers pants. When he looked himself in a mirror it was shocking to him. He looked like Native man in Canada.

It was not briefs nor boxer's pants. It has function that never shares with others. It could hold his balls like briefs but filter the air like boxer's pants. It was indeed the underwear for Japan's hot and humid climate.
Yuriko was so glad to see him and said to him "You are very sexy." Taizo as well and said "you look nice in fundoshi."

Yuriko then recommend him to wear yukata. A summer version of Japanese kimono. That was interesting, he thought. He came over to Japan so he should try that.

Yuriko went out to shop yukata suitable to Jacques. He put on one. Yukata was like one mant cloth folding whole body from neck to feet. The cloth was tighted by obi. He knew it long before by photographs. But when he wears it, it was totally different feeling. It made him walk hard. It was like wearing skirt. But unlike western cloth, air filtering worked in such hot and humid climate. Fundoshi in fact worked best under Yukata. Cloth hanged on straps was as was so it was a underwear for kimono or yukata.

Yuriko and Jacques in yukata walked on the street. People passed on stared at them curiously. That was what they expected so they never minded. They walked along the seaside and viewed the ocean view of Sea of Japan. With the smell of ocean, it was a great view for Jacques who grew up in Montreal. He was glad to be there and hoped Taizo regain health. But he was not welcome person so after Taizo recovered, he would return to Montreal.

As the two walked on the seaside, they found so much time has passed. It was nearly dawn. They walked so much. They thought about having dinner somewhere rather coming back home to cook. Taizo could have dinner for himself by daily delivery. Yuriko phoned him and told him the two would have dinner outside. Taizo said to her "Don't worry and enjoy dinner with Jacques-san."

Jacques found a billboard of a restaurant. The billboard says "Dining Place, Bar, Nihon Danji (Japanese Traditional Man).
Jacques said to Yuriko. "Let's go inside."
"Should we?" Yuriko looked uncomfortable.
"What's wrong? I am very hungry." Yuriko unwillingly said "OK." Jacques wondered why she reacted that way. The two entered the restaurant named Nihon Danji.

Continued to Chapter 3

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